The Liberty Fire Chef reaches optimum cooking temperature faster than regular charcoal BBQs because of its inbuilt fan system – in just 5 minutes!


• Easy fire control with turbo fan system
• Non-stick enamel cooking surface
• Quick-lighting
• Smokeless during BBQ
• Portable and Convenient• Easy operation with knob design
• Efficient charcoal consumption
• Stove rack for pots and pans
• Grid lifter

• Total Dimensions: 34 x 38 x 20 cm
• Cooking Surface Area: 30 cm dia.

1. Insert 4 AA batteries into battery fan box.
2. Add charcoal to the charcoal holder.
3. Spread ignition gel over the gel plate.
4. Insert the battery fan box into the control panel area.
5. Light the ignition gel.6. Place the charcoal holder over the gel plate.
7. Turn the fire control switch.
8. Insert the oil collection pan once charcoal has been lit.
9. Place cooking surface on top.

Available in red and dark grey.

Comes with free carrier bag.