The Park Pro Queen Plate BBQ is just as impressive, practical and durable as the larger King size model.

With its fully pressed stainless steel hot plate with 460mm x 460mm cooking area, this unit comes weatherproof ready for your brick in or built in enclosure. Alternatively the Park Pro Queen Plate BBQ is designed to fit into our range pre-fabricated cabinets for those who want this style of hot plate but are not looking for a brick in or built in option.

The barbeque features a timer that automatically switches the unit off after a set period of time and a green light thermostatic control to indicate the hot plate is operating.

Available in a 3.5KW or 6KW hot plate the unit comes standard with push-button controls.

The Park Pro Queen Plate BBQ features:

  • 304-grade 3mm thick pressed stainless steel hotplate with cooking area of 460mm x 460mm
  • Efficient embedded elements and copper backing to generate high heat conduction and retention
  • 3.5KW elements (15Amps) standard, 6KW (30Amps) available on request
  • Adjustable automatic timer will switch off after a set period of time (factory set to switch off after 13 minutes)
  • Thermostat to control temperature setting
  • Safe 12v ignition switch with green light to indicate BBQ is operating
  • Available with free push button operation, optional coin operation or key operation
  • Stainless steel door with lock to hide controls
  • Fully galvanised steel frame for durability and longevity
  • Height of hotplate can be adjusted to suit brickwork
  • Weather proof
  • Ready for your brick or stone enclosure or available in a pre-fabricated cabinet

Overall Plate Size:

  • 575mm x 575mm


  • 850mm to 900mm

Cooking Area:

  • 460mm x 460mm

Optional: Welded or Lift-off lid




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