Commercial Switch Mode Chlorinator

• Available with Non-Reversing or Reversing cells
• Efficient Switch Mode Power Supplies
• Liquid cooled power supplies using heatexchanger technology
• High-Quality lubrication free Pentair 2-WayValves with the option for full automation
• Completely new custom cell design using up to1 meter long cell plates
• New commercial plate material
• Custom fabrications to suit your requirements
• Built-in Acid Wash System
• Salinity Range 3,000 – 36,000 mg/L
(Model CSM-SD500, CSM-SD750, CSM-SD1000, CSM-SD1250 and CSM-SD1500)

Pentair CSM-SD500 – Output: 500 g/h
Pentair CSM-SD750 – Output: 750 g/h
Pentair CSM-SD1000 – Output: 1000g/h
Pentair CSM-SD1250 – Output: 1250g/h
Pentair CSM-SD1500- Output: 1500 g/h