Chlorine for swimming pool
STAR-CHLON made in Japan
Description: 70% Chlorine Granules

Calcium hypochlorite is also known as un-stabilized Chlorine. It does not contains stabilizer and require further addition dozing of stabilizer. Without the protection of stabilizer,  the chlorine will evaporate off within 1 day in hot Singapore weather.

Calcium hypochlorite is very effective against bacteria, algae, slime, fungi and harmful microorganisms.

Common applications of calcium hypochlorite are

Sterilization for swimming pool, spa and hot tub

Sterilization for water supplies and sewage

Sanitization for food and beverage, dairies, restaurants, farms etc…

Bleaching of pulp, paper, fibre and pepper

Treatment of waster effluents for industries such as food processing plants, textile mills, tanneries etc…

Treatment of water for industrial cooling systems

Disinfectant for general cleaning for floors, toilets

Washing vegetables & fruits

Sterilisation of water storage tanks by licensed water service plumber (50 ppm of free chlorine)

- Reference: SS CP48


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