Zilmet Ultra-Inox-Pro Stainless Steel Pressure Tank

ULTRA-INOX PRO: The expansion tanks in this line are entirely made of stainless steel.

Zilmet Ultra-Inox Pro Stainless Steel tanks are especially used for systems that produce sanitary hot water produced by a boiler or from plate heat exchangers.  They are excellent choices for situations that require high hygienic standards and a product life time that is practically limitless. The membrane is absolutely non-toxic and is drinking and food grade.  This model of tanks, also for their reduced volumes, are particularly useful for anti-water hammer effect in water systems, preventing vibrations or noises.  Zilmet Ultra-Inox Pro Stainless Steel tanks can also be used with reduced flow pumps. Available volumes range from 24 to 100 liters (5.3 to 22 UK gallons), horizontal or vertical.


Technical specifications of Zilmet Ultra-Inox Pro Stainless Steel tanks
Max. working pressure 10 bar
Operating temperature -10/+99°C
Factory precharge 1.5 bar

Zilmet Ultra-Inox-pro Stainless steel tank