Aquaperl Perlite Filter Media

  • Lightweight: In its natural state, the mineral contains 2 to 6 percent trapped water. After an intense heating process which vaporizes the water, the mineral bursts open, forming a lightweight particle with multiple air pockets.
  • Simplifies backwashing process: Perlite washes away easily from almost any object.
  • Increases length of filter runs and requires fewer messy changeovers.
  • Suitable use with biguanide sanitizing system.
  • Cleans up cloudy water more quickly and keeps your pool sparkling clean.

Cost Advantage

  • AUSPERL perlite filter aids provide the user with a density advantage between 20-50% over other filter aids, whihc is an important consideration when comparing costs.
  • Perlite is at least 30 percent lighter than any of the following options:DE, Sand and Zeolite.

Ideal for swimming pool filtration

  • AUSPERL AQUAPERL perlite filter aids can be easily backwashed and do not require cleaning as often as competing filtration media.
  • Perlite, being a volcanic glass, enjoys the benefits of glass media’s smooth surface areas which reduce pressure dop and therefore extends pump life. However, the millions of pores per square centimeter of AQUAPERL deliver an incredible filtration performance.

Health and Safety

Perlite filter aid is perfectly safe to use and particulate matter is considered a nuisance dust according to the WHO and ILO Occupational Saftey and Health information Center (ICSC 1141). This compares with common filter media such as Diatomaceous Earth which is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen and where the particulate matter is considered harmful (ICSC 0248) due to levels of crystalline silica.

Easy cake release

Because they remain porous and do not compact, AUSPERL perlite filter aids afford easy cake relase at the completion of the filtration cycle. Not only does this facilitate filter cleaning, but it reduces manpower requirements and increases productivity.

What are the advantages of Aquaperl Perlite?

  • Perlite is 30% lighter than Diatomacecous Earth (DE) powder.
  • Perlite can be easily backwashed – no more messy, time consuming cleaning.
  • Perlite reduces pressure drop
  • Perlite has incredible filtration performance – millions of pores per square centimeter
  • Perlite is perfectly safe to use. DE powder, on the other hand, is carcinogenic and harmful to the body
  • Perlite allows easy cake release at the completion of the filtration cycle. This reduces cleaning time, manpower and the increase of productivity
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