Pentair WhisperFlo High Performance Pumps

The WhisperFlo® pump delivers maximum circulation efficiency at the lowest operating cost and long, trouble-free life with minimal maintenance.

The legendary hydraulic design has been refined over 40 years for superior performance. No wonder more than 2 million Pentair pumps have been selected by pool professionals.

  • WhisperFlo costs less to operate, because it uses less horsepower to produce required water flow.
  • Specially-engineered design assures whisper-quiet operation as documented in rigorous ETL tests.
  • Oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings.
  • See-through lid makes inspection fast and easy-engineered polymer remains clear and strong for years.
  • User-friendly Cam and RampTM lid is easy to remove and quickly locks in place with a quarter-turn.
  • Unique FunnelFloTM diffuser and high-efficiency impeller maximize water flow and energy efficiency while minimizing turbulence and noise.
  • Energy-efficient motor with commercial-grade frame, rustproof stainless steel shaft, and permanently lubricated, sealed bearings for long life.
  • Ideal for pool and spa combinations and for operating in-floor cleaning systems.

Technical specs

Code: PT 162
Display: Dual
PH range: 0.00 - 14.00
Conductivity range: 0.0 - 20 mS/cm (autoranging)
TDS range: 0 - 10.00 PPT
Salinity: 0.0 - 1.00% (autoranging)
Temp: 0.0 - 50ºC

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