Palintest Pooltest 25 Photometer

Palintest (UK) has long been a leader in the supply of water analysis technologies, with a rich history of innovations and research. From multiparameter Photometer kits with all calibrations pre-programmed into the software, to visual test kits allowing anyone to carry out analyses. Palintest has an instrument solution for every application.

Palintest Pooltest 25 is designed for the pool professional and offering a comprehensive range of test parameters:

  • A complete range of pool parameters to enable disinfection control and water balance testing
  • Completely waterproof and supplied in a variety of kit formats for use poolside, in the vehicle or installed in the pump room
  • Bluetooth SMART connectivity for data download and sharing data via smartphones and tablets.

Best used to detect potential algae problems due to high Phosphate levels or low Nitrate levels