Zilmet Hydro-Plus tanks

Zilmet Hydro-Plus Pressure Tanks come with Stainless Steel 304 threaded connection and NSF 61 certification(USA).

Zilmet Hydro-Plus Pressure Tanks are suitable to be installed as Booster system . Stainless Steel 304 side connection is easier to install and less vulnerable corrosion. Fixed membrane design with thicker Butyl rubber helps to ensure that the pre-charged air pressure last longer and maintenance is easier.

Zilmet has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality diaphragm well tanks

  • Has produced over 7.5 million tanks and over 1 million heat exchangers
  • Fully vertically integrated, designing and manufacturing all diaphragms internally

Zilmet has created a compact design with a seamless diaphragm that never stretches or creases. There are no bubbles or corners to trap sediment, inhibiting bacterial growth

Technical features of Zilmet Hydro-Plus Pressure Tanks

  • Seamless NSF 61 certified low permeability Butyl diaphragm never creases and channels water directly to outlet, thus eliminating bacterial growth pockets
  • MIG welding eliminates interior rough spots and sharp edges– Low profile tank design with full membrane depth eliminates stretching of diaphragm, providing increased life cycle
  • All diaphragms made by Zilmet specifically for each tank’s dimensions– Powder coated finish for a longer lasting, more durable finish