Zilmet Ultra-Inox-Pro Stainless Steel Tank

The expansion tanks in this line are entirely made of stainless steel.

Zilmet Inox-Pro Pressure Tanks are especially used for systems that produce sanitary hot water produced by a boiler or from plate heat exchangers. They are excellent choices for situations that requires high hygienic standards and a product life time that is practically limitless. The membrane is absolutely non-toxic and is drinking and food grade. Zilmet Inox-Pro Pressure Tanks are particularly useful for anti-water hammer effect in water systems, preventing vibrations or noises. They can also be used with reduced flow pumps. Available volumes range from 0.16 to 18 litres (0.3 to 4 UK gallons).

Technical specs

Max. working pressure 0.16 litres 15 bar
Max. working pressure 0.5-18 litres 10 bar
Operating temperature -10/+99°C
Factory precharge mod. 0.16-2 litres 3.5 bar
Factory precharge mod. 5-18 litres 2.5 bar